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Library Services

Library Services

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Computers, Photocopies, and Fax

Computer Access

The Law Library has three computer work stations available for patrons to conduct legal research or prepare legal documents. These computers may be used to access the internet, search online legal research databases and word processing.

Library staff reserves the right to control access to the computers.


$.25 per copy (per side)


$.25 per copy (per side)


The Law Library offers fax service. The cost to send is $.50 per page.

record folder

The Library subscribes to a number of databases that can be accessed onsite:

WestlawNext: WestlawNext Patron Access provides access to all state and federal cases, statutes and administrative materials. It also includes Pennsylvania law reviews, and selected treatises such as AmJur Proof of Facts, Restatements of Law, American Law Reports. Also includes the Keysite citation checking tool.

Lexis: Provides access to Pennsylvania statutes and cases. Includes Shepards.

Reading Eagle Archive: Articles from the Reading Eagle dating from October 1989 to the present.

The Law Library may, from time to time, subscribe to additional databases or have access to other resources. Please ask the Library staff if you are looking for a specific resource.

ordinance file
Ordinance Filing Requirements

Pursuant to Pennsylvania statute, a copy of every ordinance proposed and/or enacted by a municipality is to be filed with the Law Library.

The filing fee for each proposed and/or enacted ordinance is $10.00. Payment must be received with the ordinance to be filed.

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Print Collection

The Court of Common Pleas Library maintains a collection of over 20,000 volumes containing state and federal statutes and opinions, legal periodicals, treatises and form books. Search the library's holdings under the "Library Catalog" tab.

Since 1977, the Library has also maintained a collection of ordinances proposed and /or passed by the municipalities and townships located within Berks County. The Law Library only receives those ordinances that the municipalities choose to file with the Law Library.

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Document Delivery

Document delivery is available for the Library's primary patrons.

If you would like the Library staff to send a document to you, contact us with an exact citation. The Library staff does not conduct legal research.

Photocopies may be picked up in the Library or delivered via standard mail, e-mail, facsimile.

The cost for this service is $.50 per page. Additional charges will apply for any document mailed via the U.S. Postal Service.

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Reference Services

The Law Library staff is trained in legal research and can direct patrons to books or databases that may contain the information they are seeking.

The staff can show patrons how to use those books and databases. They can interpret legal citations and locate references. They can also refer patrons to other libraries or agencies that may be helpful to their needs.

By law the staff cannot offer legal advice. Therefore, they cannot:

  • Interpret the meaning of laws or court decisions
  • Give an opinion on a legal issue
  • Tell you which form to use, how to word it, or how to complete it
  • Explain how to proceed with legal actions
  • Do legal research
  • Recommend specific attorneys or law firms