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Historic Resources

Historic Resources

The Berks County Planning Commission is in the process of creating a comprehensive historical resources inventory for Berks County.  The current inventory can be viewed through an online interactive web map. Click here to view the Historic Resources map

About the Historical Resources Map

The status of each historical resource on the web map is indicated by different colored dots on the map. 

Historical site/building that is officially recognized by the United States government for its national-level historical significance.  Out of more than 85,000 places on the National Register of Historic Places in the United States, only about 2,500 (3%) are designated as National Historic Landmarks (NHL).
Historical site/district is listed on the National Register.
Historical site/district is considered eligible according to the Pennsylvania Historic Museum Commission.
Historical site/district is considered not eligible for National Register status according to the Pennsylvania Historic Museum Commission.
The Pennsylvania Historic Museum Commission has record of the historical site/district, but it has yet to be evaluated to determine if the site/district is ineligible, eligible or listed.
This is not a National Register status.  This status signifies a historical site/district identified by George Meiser, IX or surveys returned to the BCPC that are not identified in the National Register database, but are still historically significant to Berks County.
Areas shaded in purple indicate historic districts.

How the Historical Data was Collected

The Berks County Planning Commission distributed survey forms and paper maps of historical site locations to historical societies, the Berks County Conservancy, and historical representatives from various municipalities.  The survey forms requested detailed information for each historic site such as the type of architectural structure, year built, type of structural materials, historical function, and current function.  The survey forms were completed with as much information as possible and returned to the Berks County Planning Commission for further processing.


In addition to the survey forms, the Pennsylvania Historic Museum Commission (PHMC) provided information on historical structures in Berks County.  This data is also being compiled and updated to the Berks County Planning Commission's historical resources inventory.


The Berks County Historic Preservation Trust is also working with the Berks County Planning Commission to update information and complete more survey forms.