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Constable Information

Constable Information

A constable is an elected or appointed official of a municipality. 

Constables perform two main functions:

      1. Preserve the peace, specifically at the polls during Primary and General Elections.
      2. Perform judicial duties such as serve writs, warrants, bail pieces, etc.

For more information on Constables please visit the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) website.

Becoming a Constable

Constables are elected at the municipal and/or precinct level to six-year terms. Constable elections were held in 2021 during the Municipal Primary and Election.  The next election for constables will be in 2027.

In the event no candidates seek election to constable, a qualified elector of that municipality or precinct may seek appointment by circulating a petition and collecting a minimum of ten signatures of voters registered within the municipality/precinct they reside. Vacated offices are filled by a court appointed constable until the next regularly scheduled constable election to include a full six year term if necessary.