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Running for Office Information and Resources

Running for Office Information and Resources

Individuals who are interested in running for office should know:

    • The responsibilities and duties of the office they wish to seek
    • The qualifications necessary to hold that office
    • The legal rules and regulations regarding campaign finance reporting in Pennsylvania

The links and resources on this page provide more information to help potential candidates get started. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact the Election Services office.


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Candidate Resources

If you are a current candidate, or planning to run for office, please review the information and resources available on this page.

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Running for Constable

If you are interested in becoming a Constable, we have put together resources to get you started.

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Campaign Finance

All candidates and political committees must periodically report their contributions and expenditures. We have put together related resources.

Watcher / Observer Information

Watcher Information - Polling Place Watcher

Request form needs to be dropped off or emailed to the Election Services office prior to the Election in order for certificates to be processed; please allow two (2) days for processing. Email request or drop the list off at Berks County Election Services, 633 Court Street, 1st Floor, Reading, PA 19601.

Observer Information - Canvass Observer

Please refer to the Rules and Regulations below.  For more information, contact the Election Services office at 610-478-6490 or email us.

Regulations On Posting Campaign Signs

No Signs are PERMITTED on County owned Properties

Candidates are urged to contact the property owner if it’s private property and the municipality if it’s public property to check for any local sign ordinances in addition to the information posted on this website. For state-owned roads, candidates should contact PennDOT to see if any sign rules are in place.

Signs MUST be 10 feet from the entrance to the Polling Place on the day of the Election.