Sample of Styles for content

IMPORTANT NOTE: ALL headers must appear in order. Meaning, they follow the order of h1, h2, h3 - so you cannot do H1, H1, H3, H2, etc. They must appear in order of  header style always.

Heading 1

Use for page titles (automatic, unless you do not enter a title and choose to use one in content page). Also used for Banners/Sliders.

Heading 2

Use for SUB titles / section dividers  

Heading 3

Use for topical subject headers (IE: Topics that are displaced after a section divider)-never follows h1, but always follows h2.

Heading 4

Sub topical subject headers - used to reference content in topical articles.

Section Divider

Collapsible Example

Accordion Example

When using accordions, you may use the widget for Accordion or for Collapsible Panel. The main difference is the Accordion you can only expand one at a time, the Collapsible Panel allows for all to be and remain expanded.
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