Conservation Plan Updates

Conservation Plan Updates

It is a requirement that all ACE Program participants have an up-to-date conservation plan that is approved by the Berks County Agricultural Land Preservation Board (BCALPB)or the Berks County Conservation District. It is necessary that the conservation plan be implemented and updated when land management practices change, or if a violation of "The Clean Streams Law" occurs, in order to be in compliance with the Deed of Agricultural Conservation Easement. It is the responsibility of the landowner to provide the Berks County Agricultural Land Preservation Board with any conservation plan updates that may be written for the property.

For those landowners that rent their land, it is highly recommended that you discuss the conservation plan requirements with your operator. A plan release form will need to be signed in order to acquire a copy of plans under a different name.

** Please note: There are several types of conservation plans. Unfortunately, not all types of conservation plans meet the requirements of the Pennsylvania State Land Preservation Board and the BCALPB. If you have a conservation plan, the BCALPB staff will be able to determine if your conservation plan meets the necessary requirements.

Conservation plans can be obtained by the following:

  1. Filling out a multi-agency assistance request, an SC-1 Form, and submitting it to the Berks County Agricultural Land Preservation Office; or
  2. Hiring a private crop consultant. A list of certified planners can be obtained by contacting this office, the Agricultural Land Preservation Office

Please refer to Program Guidelines for additional information regarding the conservation plan.